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 Latest Informatinon on the Server

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PostSubject: Latest Informatinon on the Server   Mon Sep 29, 2008 2:39 pm

QUOTED FROM Admin Might's Post on the FeelRO Forums:

This update mostly continues our line of WoE impovements.

1. Guilds Crossroad.
We present you one more custom FeelRO map, a special place where guilds can introduce themselves to a community, meet each other, hold political talks, and of course - recruit members. All castle flags with the names of current castle owners are presented on the map. Later we will add there several special NPC's for guilds. To enter Guilds Crossroads type
@go gmap
@go 15
or use Warpa.

Quote :
Guys remember to patch your RO first before thinking of typing @go 15 coz this will error you out and close your RO.

2. Guildmaster change NPC
GM change NPC is added to the game. He can be found on a Guilds Crossroads map. He allows every guild to change the guildmaster once per month for a 10m zeny fee.

3. New statistics. Defence\Attack ratings.
Emperium top is switched with the defence and attack guild rating. From now on every time after WoE you can see how good\bad your guild was today. We will also have weekly and monthly defence\attack ratings, guild killcounter and best defending time. We will present the statistics during today's WoE.

4. WoE announces
The name of the character who broke the emperium isnt shown anymore.

Other fixes:

5. @noks
@noks comand now works for homunculus too.

6. Several other minor bugfixes
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Latest Informatinon on the Server
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