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 A mini guide to reduce lagg

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PostSubject: A mini guide to reduce lagg   Wed Oct 01, 2008 5:05 am

*NOTE just transfered it here
*thx to Shanoa

Mini guide to improving feelRO performance (might also minimize lag..)

This guide is mainly for those who just want to optimize their fRO game performance and decrease unnecessary lags (some lags cant be
helped.. of course). Also please note that this guide is more oriented for windows users and have mostly basic stuffs, friendly-user for
regular computer users. Alright, there are many steps that you can do to tweak your fRO performance:


1. Upgrade!

We cant change the fact that our computers are old and slow. The best and easiest way to get better performance
is to upgrade your hardware. For those who are good with computer handling, I would recommend going to web
such as www.newegg.com or www.tigerdirect.com (depends on where you are.. really) to get good but very cheap
computer parts.

2. Disk Cleanup

The first tool to use is Disk Cleanup (Vista), also called Scandisk. This windows program will check your disk for any
errors and redundancy and clear them up to stabilize your computer. For example, stuffs in recycle bin, or windows
error reports that are old will take up spaces. Run it by clicking:

Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Cleanup

NOTE: This will delete stuffs in recycle bin.

3. Disk Defragmenter

Another useful tool would be Disk Defragmenter. When you use your computer, files are being moved around,
so pieces and bits of them get moved all over and that requires the computer to spend more time finding them
all. So using defragmenter will put them all where they should originally be. Its in the same place as Disk Cleanup.

Start --> All Programs --> Accessories --> System Tools --> Disk Defragmenter

NOTE: Shutdown any running programs to make it work faster and better!

4. Dont run anything in the background! (Semi-advance)

Things that run in the background requires more work from the computer! You can see icons next to your clock,
all of those are taking precious resources from your game! Turn them off if you dont need them (example: messengers,
bluetooth manager, etc).

There might still be stuff running in hiding. Basically, just press CTRL+ALT+DEL to run the task manager and "End Task"
some unneeded processes. You can search the net for infos about processes that are essentially unnecessary.
Vista for example, has a lot of unnecessary service processes.

NOTE: If you are not experienced, make sure you have proper guidance for this.

5. Spwares and Virus

Often however, your lag can be due to spyware or viruses infecting your computer. Therefore always
stay up-to-date and run at least weekly spyware and anti-virus scan. I would recommend using programs
like Spyware Doctor to cleanup those crazy spywares.

6. Re-Install Windows (Advance)

This is quite advance but the most effective. As you use your computer more and more, it gets corrupted with
3rd party programs messing with the system files (shaving off bits and pieces, bad shutdowns etc.). This is pretty
long so bear with me..

To do this make sure you backup ALL your needed data and restart in MS-DOS mode. At the prompt type "format c:".
Type "Y" at the confirmation and wait for the format to finish. Reboot your computer with the Windows CD in the
CD-ROM drive, or a boot disk and then run setup.exe on the CD-ROM drive. If you have a computer with brands like
Dell or Gateway, it will most likely came with a system restore disk - just follow its directions.

However, unfortunately those disks will install a lot of unnecessary stuffs from Gateway and Dell. So you may want to
borrow a copy of Windows from a friend. For Windows 2000/XP, its simpler, just reboot with the 2000/XP CD in the
drive and format in the setup utility by installing over the current Windows version. You may need to enter your
system's setup (BIOS), and set your computer to boot from the CD-ROM.

7. Tweak the fRO Setup

People often forgot about this given tool... This is the most basic place for you to actually tweak them up a bit. First just
locate where you have installed fRO. For example, as default mine is at:

My Computer --> Local Disk (D: ) or (C: ) --> Program Files --> Gravity --> FeelRO --> Setup

So open it up and you will see options, and here how it works:

a. Direct 3D or Direct 3D T&L?
T&L is better if your Video Card can support it, since it unloads a bit
of work from your processor. If not, just use the normal Direct 3D.

b. Full Screen or no Full Screen?
Do Full Screen, it will devote more resources to fRO that way.

c. Resolution
For Resolution, think about how much Video RAM you have. If it has a lot,
over 32 MB, you can set it up high, but for cheaper video cards, set it
down lower for better performance.

d. Sound
Similiar to resolution, set the sound to 2D unless you have a nice sound
card - then set it to 3D for better sound quality.

e. Speaker
For speaker setup, well, set it to what you use.. -___-

f. Sound Frequency, Bits and Channel
For Sound Frequency, Sound Bits, and Sound Channel, set them all to max
unless your have a problem - fRO sounds really crappy when those are lower.

g. Voodoo3
If you have the Voodoo3 card, then check the box.

h. Lightmap
Lightmap consumes a bit more resources. It works by taking light sources into
effect - so if you stand under a tree, it'll shade your character darker,
etc. Not really necessary in my opinion, turn it off if you want to
free up resources.

i. Fog
Another unnessary option..imo. For fog, it adds a tintish color when your
zoomed out far enough to be above the fog. It also consumes quite a bit
of resources, i would recommend turning it off -___-

j. Detail
Texture and Sprite Quality are as given. Turn it lower if you want to free
resources but if your computer is good enough just turn it high. You
wanna see the cute porings better right?

8. Not using it? Shut it down!

This is to prevent overheating especially for older computers. Computers will slow down and you
can see the difference when it becomes too hot. Give it a rest and do the following step:

9. Keep it cool

Make sure you cool your computer or laptop by using fan or such. Aside from playing in cool
temperature rooms, whenever i play my computer, i put a fan beside it. For laptops, I use
notebook cooling fan that runs on USB drive. You can find these stuffs at stores.

10. Overclock (Advance)

Overclocking your hardware can be the best method here, as it can drastically change your
computer performance and reduce lag. It works by forcing your computer to work faster
than it should be, beyond factory settings. This method is only for acknowledgment since
it is very popular amongst computer enthusiasts...

If you are somewhat interested you can visit sites like www.overclock.net.

NOTE: Potentially able to completely annihilate your system and is very dangerous.. -___-

11. The Learning Path

If you are interested in more advanced stuff like tweaking, diving, etc etc with your computer. You can
search the net for sites that gives you more tips on these, and they are plenty out there. Examples are like:


..among the many. They have crazy guides that will squeeze even the tiny, weeny bit of your CPU cycle ..


This will conclude this guide. Special thanks to Weggy, fellow RO player that has helped noobies alot and was once a legendary
Alchemist (or so he said.. *cough*).

Feel free to ask and suggest additions in here because even i dont know much about computers, so anyone with knowledge can
help answer some questions soon to be posted here (if there is)... -____-

Extra Tips

This will be a compilation of extra tips given by other forum members. Special thanks to everyone that posted some of their knowledge here
for the benefit of us all. Once again the main focus here is to improve performance and reduce lag.


1. Slow Internet

Common problem amongst mediocre ISP providers' customers or some unknown phenomenon (*sigh*)... They are few things
that you can do to reduce lagging:

a. Turn off effects
Turning off the effects reduces the amount of packets needed to be sent/received, especially with AoE spells like SG.
To do this, type '/effect' during gameplay.

b. Avoid crowded places
This is very basic and simple. Crowded places may cause lagging if you have bad connection. Examples are like
the main street of Prontera where they have usually 20+ players around fighting etc. Try
taking alternative routes in Prontera or go somewhere else.

c. Mouse clicking
If you are lagging badly (Prontera for example), hold down the mouse button instead of repetitive clicking to
the point where you are headed. It helps too.

2. Clean your computer
Computers can get very dusty inside/out. Use compressed air to blow away dusts. Also, it is suggested to
use arctic silver on the cpu which helps a lot.
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PostSubject: Re: A mini guide to reduce lagg   Wed Oct 01, 2008 5:08 am

oops sry for wrong section..
please moved it Razz
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A mini guide to reduce lagg
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