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 Bazuh Wants THIS !!!

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PostSubject: Bazuh Wants THIS !!!   Sun Oct 12, 2008 11:35 am

Well, i'm on this server since 1 month, and i have nothing ! Moreover, i'm poor, so if you have something what i need, you MUST give it to me (FREE) !

Headgears : Feather Beret +7 / Frigg's Circlet +7
Headgears : Sunglasses [Gibbet Card / Mistress Card °° ]
Headgears : Oxygen Mask

Body : Odin's Blessing +7 [Evil Druid Card / Angeling Card ]

Weapon : Combat Knife ( OR Lich Bone Wand OR Giant Encyclopedia]

Buclker : Valkyria's Buckler +7 [Thara Frog Card]

Garment : Wool Scarf +7 [Noxious Card)

Shoes : Tidal Shoes +9 [Antique Firelock] OR Tidal Shoes [Green Ferus Card or Martyr Card]

Accessories : 2 Rosary [2 Alligator Card]

Yes, i know, it's a very hard, and expensive build, buy i had it on a low rate (not the angeling and the mistress]. As i am a support prof, who MUST pose a Lp, It's a build against the magical attack, with a lot of MDEF and Angeling Card. So if you want LPs, gimme all that i need !! (I'm Kiding ((((but i still needing all that i said))))
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Bazuh Wants THIS !!!
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